World-defying betting Pill God Chapter 33poker63 I can fly

Someone in the background will reply as soon as possible! Remember Affiliate Aigo for a second, providing you with wonderful novels to read. The opponent’s blow was very domineering, the place where the saber energy passed by, all turned into lava, pouring towards Bai Youyou like overwhelming the sky. Love to see poker Bai Youyou released the cold air from his whole body, forming a shield to envelop him tightly, when that wave of saber air swept over Betking, it couldn’t penetrate the ice air shield released by Bai Youyou at all. Just now Chen Xiang was sweating for Bai Youyou, now he can put his mind at ease. The middle-aged man cursed inwardly. He didn’t know the origin of the woman who appeared out of nowhere. It was so weird. He didn’t believe in evil, and repeatedly slashed out that kind of saber energy with the domineering scorching power of BetWinner. Bai Youyou was protected by the icy air shield, and walked quickly in the heat wave of saber air. In just a few blinks of an eye, she passed through the scorching wave of saber air, came to the side of the middle-aged man, and with a palm in the air, The transparent palm hit the middle-aged man’s hand, and the hand suddenly became limp, and the knife disappeared. The middle-aged man belonged to the Crazy Saber Clan, the knife in his hand was transformed into an arm, but the bones inside were melted away by Bai Youyou! “Bone Transforming Demon Palm!” Chen Xiang’s heart shuddered, the Bone Transforming Demon Palm used by Bai Youyou could actually melt away the bones of the Crazy Saber Clan, which was quite powerful. The Crazy Knife Clan used their arms to turn into Crazy Knife, which meant that the arms were very strong, especially the bones, but now they were melted away by Baiyou Leapyou, which surprised Chen Xiang very much. “It seems that I have to learn from Baiyou Paripesayou in the future.” Chen Xiang thought to himself. The crazy swordsman felt the bones in his arm disappear, and he was horrified.

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