Proud Liverpool Shidan God Chapter 327BGaming3 God Soil Body Training

The text is inside the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, Chen Xiang feels very safe, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths is very fast, even the RV of that son of the Soul River God Clan can’t catch up to him, and the Divine Mirror of Six Paths is very strong, it is difficult to destroy it from the outside. △¢, the Mirror of the Six Paths is rolling and rolling at this time. According to Qin Shuang’s guidance, the former Mozzartbet is going to a big city. This big city is called Endorphina Tianyan City. There are more alchemists and weapon refiners gathered in it. inside. Chen Xiang wanted to see the world-defying mad pill and the world-defying artifact, so Qin Shuang took him to this city. “It’s not easy to go to the World-Proud Soul River even after taking the Madness-Crazy Pill.” Chen Xiang took a piece of the Mad-Crazy God Pill Champions League, and for some reason, his consciousness could only reach the first layer of the World-Proud Soul The river, if you want to go further up, you will die. “It’s just like Nairabet. The stronger your cultivation, the harder it is to go to the higher level of the Leap River.” Qin Shuang said, “Everyone only knows that there are three floors in the River of Aoshihun. In fact, there is a fourth floor in the River of Aoshihun. It’s just that it’s very difficult to go up.” Chen Xiang had learned before that someone had condensed the world-defying mad soul on the fourth floor of the world-defying soul river! “Have you been there?” Chen Xiang asked, he felt that if Paripesa wanted to condense the second world-defying mad soul, it would take a lot of time, first he would have to spend a while to go to the Spinmatic third-floor world-defying soul river, and then It will take more real madrid time to choose the world-defying mad soul. “Of course I’ve been there, and one of my World-Proud and Furious Battle Souls was obtained on the fourth floor, otherwise I wouldn’t be a genius mad God of War.” Qin Shuang said, “Of course, it’s very roulette for me to go to the fourth floor. , it would be easy for the guys from the Soul River Protoss, they can even go to the legendary fifth floor

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