Aoshi betting Pill God Chapter 32BetWinner43 One of the Nine Doors

Both Shen Bettingxiang and Ma Jinhong didn’t expect to come to this stone room, and they encountered this kind of enemy again, and directly attacked them without saying a word, which made them very annoyed. Get out, I promise I won’t beat you to death. Vertex novel, x.” Ma Jinhong roared loudly, now he is not as useless as before, he looks very chelsa heroic. Chen Xiang just felt it was amused in his heart, he guessed that if the person who appeared was very powerful, Endorphina might have Ma Jinhong immediately kneel down. But Sportybet, he recalled that Ma Jinhong sacrificed himself Spinmatic desperately in order to save him before, and he was very moved. “Old horse, be careful, these guys might be the King of Pirates.” Chen Xiang said in a low voice, the previous King of Pirates had only a few people, and there were so many people in this huge BGaming stone room, The strength is not weak, and only the group of robbers who were here back then had such strength. Of course Ma Jinhong knew this, so he was very cautious. Soon, a hundred or so people appeared in the surrounding area. They were not very strong, but they were not weak any more. The strongest were two at the peak of the world-defying madness. This was something that Ma Jinhong couldn’t deal with, not to mention that Betting had other people here. There are still a lot of mid-to-lower people in Man City. If they jointly deal with Ma Jinhong, Ma Jinhong will not be an opponent at all. Ma Jinhong shuddered when he saw these appearances. He didn’t expect the strength of the people here to be so terrifying, and there were so many of them as soon as they came out, which caught him off guard. He thought it was just a group of small shrimps. Of course, if it weren’t for those two pinnacles of the world-defying madness, he might be of no use.

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