Aoshi Danshen Chapter 322Bet2Slot Games28 The Trend of the Wild Sword

The main reason why Chen Xiang was fascinated by watching it was because he did not refine this level, he suddenly felt that he was not as talented as Bai Xuelan, and Bai Xuelan had made such a huge improvement in a short period of time. ↖EndorphinaBetting Top↖Point↖Xiao↖ said, x. Bai Xuelan is ahead of Chen Xiang in terms of the Fiery Sword Technique, and Chen Xiang has only just been able to master the Fiery Sword Qi, and release the Fiery Flame through the Fiery Sword Qi Jian Gang is coming. Bai Xuelan was very fascinated when she practiced the sword, she didn’t know that Chen Xiang and her brother came here, and she was already immersed in the mystery of this set of swordsmanship, and Chen Xiang was also fascinated by it, he wanted to seize the opportunity to see if he could get out of it. When Bai Xuelan and Nairabet practiced swords, Spinmatic realized something real madrid. “Xue Lan recovered really quickly.” Shen Baccarat Xiang whispered. “Well, she can already master the basics of that set of swordsmanship.” Bai Ximing nodded gratifiedly, “Her body is recovering very well. If it was before her, she would always lie on the bed , or sitting on a chair basking in the sun, now she can recover BetWinner, and can have a lot of energy, which makes her very active.” “Of course, after all, she has been very weak for many years in the premier league, and she can’t be like Like a normal person, now that she has this kind of opportunity, she will naturally enjoy it more and make up for the happiness she lost before.” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Let’s not disturb her for now, she is in a very serious state now, Maybe she is realizing something.” Just like that, Chen Xiang and Bai Ximing watched Bai Xuelan practice sword from a distance. A full three hours passed, the sun in the sky had gradually set, and Bai Xuelan stopped, but her face was still full of thoughts. at this time

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