BettingflashScore World-Defying Pill God Chapter 3198 Flame defect

The latest chapter list is shared: Jiang Simi is also worried that she will destroy the big trees if she wants to mess around. It is not easy for these big trees to grow to this extent. If they are destroyed, she will feel very distressed. After all, this is not an ordinary tree. It is a very peculiar tree that can absorb energy from the outside world, and then condense crystals under the roots. Chen Xiang asked Jiang Simi to do it. She had communicated with the big tree before and knew where the mysterious Betting thing under the tree root was. She carefully inserted the pipe under the big tree, and then said to Chen Xiang: “Sportybet and see if you can let a squirrel take out the contents of the Slot Games inside, it’s not too big. The squirrel should be able to take it out.” Chen Xiang released Surebet247 a squirrel, let the squirrel enter the tree from inside the pipe, and then he let the squirrel’s eyes release white light, illuminating the inside, and soon I saw a black object, which was a crystal according to the light reflected from it. He hurriedly let the Sky-eating Mouse take it out. The crystal liverpool of the black casino slot is not very big, it’s only about the size of a thumb, Chen Xiang thought it was quite big. “Brother Song, is this the Myriad Dao God Earth Crystal?” When Chen Xiang took out the rumble, Song Yichen frowned suspiciously. He was not sure, otherwise he would have recognized it a long time ago. After Song Yichen received it, he took a closer look, then shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, if you want to confirm whether this is the Myriad Dao God Earth Crystal, you can only try it with your sword!” “How do you try it?” ?” Chen Xiang asked. “See if you can cut it open. If you can’t, it’s the Myriad Dao God Soil Crystal.” Song Yichen said, “I’ve seen it before.

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