Aoshi Danshen Chapter 3183 Betway’s powerful royal family

The latest chapter list is shared: After Chen Xiang got the Pill Spirit, Yue Yiran took him away from this villa as quickly as possible. They all knew the importance of the Pill Spirit very well, and it was obvious that they could make those members of the Yue family turn against him at all costs. . “Boss, where are we going now? Go back to the shop?” Chen Xiang asked. “No, the shop is not a safe place now.” Yue Yiran frowned and said, “Did you see those guys from the Tiangu imperial family just now?” For a moment, because the Tiangu royal family is the strongest, he was worried that the Tiangu royal family would attack them before. “These guys are not right. When we left, they looked at us very wrongly.” Yue Yiran said: “They may catch up, can you use the power of space, and stay away from here.” “No problem! “Chen Xiang didn’t know how strong the Tiangu imperial family was, anyway, he didn’t want to be hunted down by the opponent’s poker. Chen Xiang used the power of space to teleport away with Yue Yiran, and teleported one after another. Chen Xiang has often been hunted down for many years, so he is also very experienced in dodging. After he teleports, he will immediately clear the breath of Paripesa, so that he can prevent being tracked. “Boss real madrid, are the guys from the Tiangu imperial family very strong?” Chen Xiang had already brought Yue Yiran to a mountain range, and he didn’t know where it was. The man city Yue also levitated to high altitude to check the surrounding situation, he still doesn’t know where Chen Xiang brought him to LiveScore. “The Tiangu royal family is the most powerful force in the Tiangu Taijie. There is no one. Unless the major families can join forces, otherwise there will be no

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