Alchemy God Chapter 3153 Song Betking Next Morning

Chen Xiang, the lonely thief, felt relieved when he met such a powerful guy. At least he didn’t have to worry about being chased by the Tiangu God Clan people again. how many dead. “Small, what’s your name?” The man in green asked with a smile. Last time, Chen Xiang sent him from the Heavenly Dao World to baccarat here, otherwise he would not be able to find the source of the rumble of Myriad Dao before. “Chen Xiang, how about you, big brother?” Chen Xiang said. “Song Yichen… By the way, you and him know each other?” Song Yichen took a picture of the giant green chrysalis. He didn’t expect that Chen Xiang would meet another Heavenly Ancient Beast King after him. Chen Xiang told Song Yichen about his opening of the passage to the ancient world, which surprised Song Yichen. “Brother Song, you seem very happy.” Chen Xiang asked. “Well, because this way I can return to the ancient world.” Song Yichen said with a smile. It’s my hometown. Although it’s smoky now, it’s my home anyway. I want to clean it up clean. Surebet247″ Chen Xiang looked at the giant green Paripesa pupa next to him, the gorilla inside seemed to be a little bit reluctant, but Song Yichen really thought about it, they are both ancient beast kings, but they have completely different ideas. “He doesn’t seem to want it, is there something terrible about poker in it? “No mistake, no jumping words. Chen Xiang asked. “It’s not very scary… The reason why we turned into the ancient beasts is that the ancient gods are behind it. We have been transformed into beasts for many years, yes This is very frightening, so I don’t want to go back to that place in my heart. “Song Yichen sighed, but it caused us such a disaster, we are

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