Chapter 3138 man city, your roulette is just a wild boar

The people of the Tiangu God Clan are much stronger than those of the Aoshi Clan. The people of the Tiangu God Clan can use powerful Aoshi madness. Like the Tiangu Beastmen, they all have a very strong heart, and the Evolution game heart is also their weakness. “Don’t deal with the Tiangu God Clan people, even if you know their weaknesses, it may be difficult to defeat them.” Chen Xiang had met the Tiangu God Clan people at close range before, their strength was indeed very strong, and he didn’t know if he could beat them . “That is, the ancient gods are much more powerful than the ancient orcs, otherwise the ancient orcs would not be so honest in the champions league in Man City! If you want to suppress the ancient gods, you can only watch them in the premier league The Tiangu Beastmen should be thinking of ways to evolve their own strength now, only in this way can they defeat the Tiangu God Clan people.” Chen Cai’s words made Chen Xiang feel a little heavy. The people of the Tiangu God Clan seem to have mastered a method to release the Tiangu Taishou from somewhere. Now that they are eyeing this world of heaven, they will definitely continue to do so. He can stop once, two or three times, but maybe not four or five times. In a short period of time, they will not be able to fight against the Aoshi family and the ancient gods. “I’m going to find out where these guys are baccarat in their livescore right now.” Before Chen Xiang’s affiliate, he saw people from the Ancient God Clan following in, and he didn’t know if they had gone back. With his eyes closed, Chen Xiang can directly observe the Heavenly Dao World. If there is a strong \m.(quldu).oBetwaym breath being released in the Heavenly Dao World, he can also quickly lock the position where the breath is released. Not long after, he found a member of the ancient god clan. “

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