Aoshi Danshen Chapter Premier League3affiliate123 Fusion Long Whip

Everyone watched with bated breath, they wanted to see who would be the one who would fight Chen Xiang next! “Hu Wenyun! man city” Chen Xiang shouted, seeing an old man in red was suddenly overjoyed, he seemed to have forgotten how powerful the poker strength Chen Xiang showed just now, he thought that he would definitely be able to defeat Chen Xiang, and get a poker poker Daoless spirit pill. Everyone present believed in the efficacy of Wudao Lingshen Pill, because Chen Xiang was still very weak before, but now he has become much stronger than Liverpool, and he can even fight an old strong man on par with him! Hu Wenyun was also adjusting his state at this time. After he was happy, he also remembered Chen Xiang’s battle not long ago, and felt that Chen Xiang still had some skills, and that Chen Xiang could get a powerful long whip, that long whip Can inexplicably tie people up tightly! Chen Xiang is resting quietly at this time, he needs to rest for three days to recover, and then he can be in the best state to fight. Hu Wenyun and the other few The old man in red began to discuss in a low voice, and he didn’t know what secret method they used, which made their voices unable to be transmitted. “Chen Xiang, can you use that whip now?” Feng Ke’er asked Said. “Not yet, there is Yuan Xufeng’s remaining mental power inside, I can control it only after clearing it all, it will take a while, why don’t you try to see if you can get rid of the mental power inside. “Shen Xiang said: “If you can clear it up within three days, then when I fight the old man in red, I will have a little more chance of winning.” The ability of the black whip can be seen by everyone, it is very powerful, if Chen Xiang Could it be that he could use the magic eye to attack Yuan Xufeng in time?

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