World Proud Pill God Chapter 31Paripesa08 Green secluded champions league stone

Uncategorized When Chen Xiang was asleep, he didn’t know what was happening outside. He had just been picked up by Ji Xingyuan, and he was immediately put on top of the water pool, allowing him to float on the water. Ji Xingyuan stood by the pool and watched, his face was full of astonishment, Chen Xiang’s inner potential was much greater than he imagined, although Chen Xiang floating on the water was sleeping, his whole body shone with bursts of golden brilliance, The golden mist gushing out from the body illuminates the middle of the mountainside. “It seems that he can grow very fast, and he can cultivate Wudao to great success in a short time. This is the same as the old King Nairabet, who has extremely high man city talent and potential.” Ji Xingyuan sighed, and he I also feel that I am lucky, the two outsiders I met are so powerful, and they both know how to make alchemy. Chen Xiang fell asleep for a whole day before waking up. “I actually passed out.” Chen Xiang felt a little groggy, and he walked up from the water: “Uncle Endorphina, am I unqualified?” “Of course not, the cultivation in the pool doesn’t make you wake up… The main thing is to allow you to dive to the limit and then come up again. You have experienced the process before, which is a great test for your real madrid.” Ji Xingyuan touched Chen Xiang’s head and said with a smile: ” When you were asleep, the mysterious and senseless power that had penetrated into your body earlier merged into your body by itself, and you didn’t notice it.” Of course, Shen poker Xiang didn’t notice it, he only felt that he had slept, but It was a very uncomfortable sleep. “What else is there to practice next?” Chen Xiang asked. He still felt his head was heavy just now, but now he feels much better. He has become energetic and wants to continue to practice.

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