Sportybet Proud 1xBet Shidanshen Chapter 3048 Shenhuang Passage

The man in golden clothes is very angry at Endorphina, this is at the foot of Myriad Daos Mountain, and someone dares to bully him, a disciple of Myriad Daos Mountain, he glared at Chen Xiang angrily, as if he forgot about him I also overshadowed others just now. “It must have been done by you guys, you affiliates, are you tired of working?” The man in gold pointed at Chen Xiang and the old man. “Do you want to use it again? I’m just tired of working. If you have the guts, come and kill me. I don’t think you have that ability.” Chen Xiang laughed, although you blasted the furnace, you didn’t lose, you just fought with others It’s just flat. “Bastard, I’m going to kill you!” “The man in golden clothes said angrily, and stepped in front of Chen Xiang in two steps, his fist overflowed with golden flames, and with a burning hot breath, he punched Chen Xiang’s cheek with one punch. But Chen Xiang’s attack speed was faster bet game , raised his foot, and ruthlessly punched the man in gold, BetWinner, in the stomach. Although he didn’t use much force, the man was kicked into the wall and flew out of the Spinmatic. “Get out of this place. “Chen Xiang said to the [Wu Cuo Novel][] old man, and then he also left here in a hurry. The disciples of Wan Dao Shen Shan are notoriously arrogant here, how could they be bullied like this on weekdays? That man was bullied like this. After Shen Nairabet Xiang kicked and flew out, he lay on the ground for a long time unable to stand up. He was also very shocked and angry, because he did not expect that Chen Xiang’s strength was so powerful. In an instant, he rushed into his divine sea, directly abolishing his divine sea, and his body was devastated by a terrifying force, all his muscles and bones were broken. After learning about this, the people of Wandao Shenshan coming soon

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