Baccarat Alchemy God Chapter 3 affiliate033 Super Golden Needle

The latest chapter list shared: Feng Ke’er Liverpool crossed her arms, looked at Chen Xiang with suspicion on her face, it seemed that some betting didn’t quite believe Chen Xiang’s words, although she looked relatively simple, she still knew how to think. “You said before that because of curiosity, Nairabet found something and came in. Just now Parimatch listened to you and thought that you came in with a purpose. You are not right.” Feng Keer said sports betting. . “Maybe it’s because I didn’t express clearly!” Chen Xiang was stunned and said. “Well, anyway, I don’t think you have any malicious intentions, otherwise I would have sealed you up long ago, and my casino slot seal is very powerful.” Feng Ke’er smiled angrily: “That’s right, you What kind of enmity do you have with those guys?” Chen Xiang didn’t expect that Feng Ke’er’s transformation would be so fast, before he was so suspicious and full of vigilance, but in the blink of an eye he became so lax, he was moody at all. “They wanted my things, but I refused to give them, so they came to snatch them, and I killed their people, so Betking formed a hatred.” Chen Xiang spread his hands, feeling helpless: “I’m too lazy to be with you. They are enemies, but they rely on their own great power and want to take my things as their own, so I resist them.” Feng Keer nodded quickly: “This group of guys is just like Paripesa, they captured I just want to get something for la liga, and I won’t let them succeed.” What do Spinmatic want for Wan Dao Shen Shan and Ao Shi Tian Men? It can be seen that this thing is very precious, which reminds Chen Xiang of the Supreme Treasure. Feng Ke’er is very miraculous, she doesn’t look like a simple creature, and is proficient in seals, knows all kinds of powerful formations,

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