Parimatch Alchemy God Chapter 3baccarat018 The Four Generations of the Luo Family

Luo Jianqing looked at the affiliate space poker evil insect in his hand, he was very sure that Roulette Chen Xiang didn’t use the power of space just now, but why the box in his hand suddenly fell into Chen Xiang’s hands, which made him puzzled! Luo Tianjun was also very surprised, Chen Xiang suddenly snatched the box, which made him and Aoshi Longzu also feel very surprised, Chen Xiang was beside them, they didn’t feel that Chen Xiang used the power of space! “Yes, I have some skills! But what can I do?” Luo Jianqing smiled coldly, took out a large black net with Paripesa, waved his hands and threw it into the sky: “You guys just grab it!” Luo Tianjun was about to attack, but But Chen Xiang suddenly sent him a sound transmission, telling him not to do anything! The huge betting net caught them very quickly, they didn’t make a move, and Luo Tianjun didn’t know what Chen Xiang was going to do, but he knew that Chen Xiang must have some backhand in the Premier League, since Chen Xiang was able to get the box out just now You will know when you come here. “Ancestor Dao, let’s go to Aoshi Tianmen first! Now Longzu and I have consumed a lot, and we can’t recover quickly in a short time. We need time to rest. When we recover, we can escape from Aoshi Tianmen.” Chen Xiang gave Aoshi Daozu And Aoshilongzu sound transmission. “The Spinmatic place at the Betting Gate of Aoshitian is so heavily guarded, are you sure you can escape? By the way, how did you drag BetWinner over from that bastard’s hand just now?” Aoshi Longzu was very curious, and quickly asked through voice transmission. “I used the law of time… the law of time and the law of space are fused “,…, that is the power of time and space, and space evil insects can only sense the power of space, so my power of time and space is effective, but it consumes It’s so huge that I can only use it to snatch

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