NetEnt Aoshi Danshen Betway Chapter 2958 Controlling Time and Space

Select the background color: select the font size: Tang Zhongjie seems to have not bragged with others for a long time, and now he can’t wait to brag with Chen Xiang! Later, he also knew that he had disturbed Chen Xiang, so he hurriedly said goodbye and left, letting Chen Xiang practice hard. (Baidu search gives you the fastest and most stable update on Literary Network.) Chen Xiang didn’t think Tang Zhongjie was annoying, he liked this little old man quite a bit. Now that he heard Tang Zhongjie’s singing, he didn’t think it was so weird anymore! “I must seize the time to achieve this training goal.” Chen Xiang’s training goal this time is to cultivate the law of time well. As long as he can use the power of the law of time, he can control the movement of time and allow himself to gain more time. He came into contact with the law of time very early, la liga, but he only knew a little bit about it. For example, when he used the God-killing sword technique as an affiliate before, there was a little chelsa power of time in the Evolution game! He also met some Slot Games people who naturally knew how to use the law of time! He has also been exposed to the power of time many times. In the past, as long as the world was not strong enough, the time in that Bet9ja world could be controlled through formations. For example, flashscore, Xue Xian, Betting Xian, and the others, Parimatch some formation masters to arrange time formations! But it doesn’t work here, it needs to master the more advanced law of time, which is not something everyone can do, otherwise the ghost emperor wouldn’t kill the time ghost to snatch the time pulse. “I must make good use of the Time Ghost’s time veins, and I must quickly become stronger to avenge him.” Although Chen Xiang is ignorant of time control now, he has myriad magical skills, and he firmly believes that he only needs to use his heart to grow up▆↑ Wind ◿↑Literature ◾↑Xue, w¢↘wx.n

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