Aoshi 1xBet Pill God Chapter 29Betway29 Black Robe Alien Army

There was no life on the Land of Ten Thousand Deaths, but thousands of mice suddenly appeared. Although the breath of life released was weak, it could be sensed by the man in black who had been looking here all year round. After they sensed the breath of life, they immediately went to look for the source of the breath. What made them puzzled was that there were so many breaths of life coming from all directions. They had never encountered such a situation before. . Although there were before, there was never so much breath. Even if it is a herd, the roulettes that can enter here are basically very weak, and have long been absorbed by the force of life outside. Chen Xiang controlled thousands of sky-cheating mice, and he suddenly saw the black-robed people that Long Tengyun said through one of them. This kind of black-cloaked people were indeed powerful, but just as soon as they saw them, they had already arrived. “Two people in black robes as a team!” After Chen Xiang saw the man in black robes through the Sky Mouse, he immediately controlled the Sky Mouse to drill deep into the ground. The speed of drilling down was very fast, and it suddenly changed direction while still below. However, even though Chen Xiang controlled the Skymouse to avoid the black-robed man quickly, after he felt a shock, the Skymouse from BGaming lost contact with him and was killed! “It turned out to be a mouse that bombarded and killed me with such a powerful force!” At this moment, Chen Xiang could feel Leap’s strong shock coming to his place. At the same time, there was such a strong sense of shock in all directions, which was caused by the bombardment of Tianshu by super strength. It didn’t take long before ten sky-devouring mice were killed. “They actually knew that my sky rat was moving so quickly. It seems that they can only hide under the ground first.”

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