The World-Proud Roulette Pill God Chapter 2915 Poker Dragon Ancestor

Select the background color: Select the font size: In the next month, Chen Xiang successfully sold more than half of the Huazun God Pills. At this time, his Dao Crystals have already reached 30 trillion chelsa! “There are some more, all of them will be sold soon! After selling them, I will focus on cultivation and make myself stronger.” Chen Xiang has been manipulating the Ratman these days to sell Huazun Although the divine pill has attracted the attention of the dragon demon, he can get rid of it. However, flashscore is BetWinner today, a mouseman he controlled was caught. The city where the rat man is located is called Taifeng City, which is a relatively large city, and the guy who caught the rat man is a child of the Zhao family. Chen Xiang controlled the Ratman to sell the Bet Game Huazun God Pellet everywhere, usually looking for those who were in the later stages of the Six God Realm, but this time Paripesa didn’t expect that the other party was a child of the Zhao family, so he directly sold Spinmatic to the other party. “Haha, I’ve finally caught one. Hurry up and hand over the Divine Transformation Pill in your hand.” This Zhao family boy is a handsome man with only the strength of the late stage of the Six Gods Realm. He looks very young, probably only about twenty years old. Chen Xiang controlled the Mouse Evolution game and said: “Why should I hand it over to you? Your Zhao family is still so domineering. Your Zhao family should have been wiped out in the last battle.” I’ll take you back.” The Zhao family disciple sneered, and many people gathered around to watch, and they immediately understood what was going on when they heard what they just said. The Zhao family’s children caught the person who sold the Huazun God Pill in the street! Many people have heard that someone is secretly selling Huazun God Pill in Parimatch, and many people can successfully buy it, and those who buy Huazun God Pill are regarded as very

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