Aoshi Danshen Chapter Online Casino 2901 Slot Games Heart of Rescue

Text Long Qiumu ran with Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang was like her at this time, full of doubts in his heart, why did the high priest come so fast when he knew they were here? Chen Xiang was very sure that Paripesa had cut off the connection between the dragon demon grandmother and the high priest. He contacted him, but he didn’t expect the high priest to come after him, which made him puzzled. “Does the High Priest have other means to track him down?” Chen Xiang asked, he was also trying to find a way to escape. Using invisibility is not enough. The High Priest Real Madrid can chase here from the third ascension platform, and determine their location, obviously knowing their exact location. After thinking about roulette, there is only one way to escape. The high priest is very powerful, not to mention Long Qiumu, even Long Qiumu’s father is not the opponent of the high priest, so now Long Qiumu can only run wildly for his life, and the consequences of being caught will be very serious. “He has my life bead in his hand, maybe he sensed my position through this life bead, but I forgot about it before.” Long Qiumu scolded in a low voice: “It’s all this bastard. We have to give him our life bead, but I never thought he could track my location through the life bead.” Chen Xiang asked: “Is there no way to get rid of his tracking method?” Long Qiumu frowned: “Yes There is a Premier League, but it will take a little time, it is too late now!” It is indeed too late now, Chen Xiang has already seen another big group of red light behind Parimatch, it is the High Priest! Just when Chen Xiang Wenxue saw this group of red light, that group of red light suddenly exploded, and in an instant of flickering, countless small red light groups bombarded over like raindrops. When these small red light clusters fall on the ground, they will blow up a huge hole in the ground, and they contain very terrifying power.

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