Betting the World-Proud Alchemy God Chapter 2 Betting887 Rat Emperor Bead

Support the left and right keys of the keyboard (→) to turn pages up and down, and the middle mouse button to scroll the screen. Select the font size: select the background color: the ball is as big as a watermelon, the whole body is black, and there are many real madrid black energy inside. At this time He saw a very small mouse get out of the black bead! “It’s the black beads that conceived mice.” Chen Xiang didn’t expect this to happen, and he thought Nairabet was some kind of female mouse that was giving birth to mice crazily. The formation released by the magic mirror has NetEnt’s strong defensive power. Many mice flew over, but they were all bounced off by the above formation, and these mice could not approach him. “What the hell is this?” Chen Xiang immediately threw himself The black bead I saw told the master of Feilong hall. “Go and get it, this man city is a very precious thing. If I guessed correctly, it should be the beast pill left behind by the mouse emperor after his death!” Feilong hall The master said anxiously. Chen Xiang originally wanted to go over to take it away, but was stopped by a large group of rats. Although these rats couldn’t hurt him, they released a lot of power, and they were crazily rushing towards the roulette protecting him. During the collision, Chen Xiang had difficulty walking and had to retreat. “I can’t stop me!” Chen Xiang forebet smiled at chelsa, and then used the technique of telekinesis to take the black bead into his hand. “Now How to use it?” Chen Xiang asked. “Drop blood, you will know after dripping blood.” Flying Dragon Palace Master said: “As for what it will be useful, I don’t know, but it must be useful anyway.” Chen Xiang immediately dripped blood live betting! At the moment of dripping blood casino Slot, I suddenly had a very strange feeling, ‘getting’ 1xBet clearly

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