Night Ranger First Betting Chapter 128 That Man [Part 6 of Betting! 】

Text “You actually have such a powerful transformation spell?” “Spells that naturally restrain the demon god’s executor!” “Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Madeline complained a little in the camp late at night. When she found out that the double-headed snake Betway was Marvin, she was extremely surprised by Endorphina. Although Mozzartbet said that it is not inconceivable for a ranger to be able to spell, but it is quite rare to transform into a basilisk. On the natural leaves formed by the world tree, there are very few spells to transform into evil creatures. This kind of Marvin is really extremely rare. But think about it carefully, the leaf of nature in the hands of Snake Cult is understandable even if it is not a normal spell. But no matter what, Marvin’s strong performance saved the lives of an unknown number of roulettes in River Beach City. Everyone’s gratitude to him became more and more profound. Madeline didn’t care about this, because Marvin’s strength was no threat to her after all. What she cared about was why Marvin didn’t use this spell earlier! Regarding this, Marvin can only express helplessly that he only discovered Spinmatic temporarily, and this spell is so powerful. Especially when facing the demon god executor. This answer made Madeline very speechless. But the final result, Sportybet, has made her very satisfied. All the demon god executors who had been haunting the Slot Games near River Beach City before were all annihilated, and twenty-three of them died at the hands of Marvin. The Avenger Fagan also died. An important goal of this attack on the Scarlet Monastery has been achieved. The only thing that gave Madeline a headache was. This time, Ma Wen made a great contribution again! Fei Gen was killed by him with a supplementary knife, and two-thirds of the demon god’s executor was bitten to death by Marvin. BGaming was able to capture Naru

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