Aoshi Danshen Chapter 28Evolution game27roulette Original Headmaster

Chen Xiang was waiting outside that mountain ‘cave’. Although the head teacher of Yuan Shi Dao’s ‘door’ was in retreat, it was not for a long time. He would come out every once in a while to see if there was any important matter , Usually here, Surebet247 can wait until the head teacher comes out. It was the first time for Chen Xiang to see the headmaster of Yuanshi Dao’s ‘door’.” Disciple Chen Xiang, I pay my respects to the headmaster.” Chen Xiang hurriedly bowed. What’s the matter? “Obviously the headmaster knows about Chen Xiang.” It’s about the death place of the dragon demon. I just came back from there! I learned before that you said that there would be no danger inside… But, I met someone inside. Something strange happened.” Shen pokerxiang hurriedly told the original headmaster about his encounter with the dragon demon. When the original headmaster heard it, his face became serious. After listening, he said: “Why is this so? The Six Paths God Sect told me that there is no great danger there… But judging from what you said in the man city, there is indeed a danger inside.” “I’ll go ask the Six Paths God Sect, you wait here for me Yes, I will come back to NetEnt soon.” The original headmaster returned to Msports in his cave. Chen Xiang guessed that there should be something related to the Six Paths Sect, such as the communication formation. Not long after, the original The head teacher came out, he frowned betting, and said: “The big thing is bad! 1xBet was hurt by the Six Paths God Sect this time, Spinmatic is miserable, now we have to go to the Dragon Demon

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