World-defying alchemy la liga Chapter 2812 Violent flashscore beating

The latest chapter, Volume 1, Volume 1 of Piaotian Literature Yu Haorui could see from Gu Qingtian’s expression that Gu Qingtian had a good impression of Chen Xiang, so he sighed: “You know people, you know your face, but you don’t know your heart! You don’t know , At that time, I also thought that Chen Xiang was a good guy, how could he know that he was this kind of person?” Chen Xiang couldn’t bear it anymore, and then came to the ‘door’ of the lobby, knocking on that ‘door’ vigorously. .Visit: щщщ. “Who?” Yu Haorui shouted in displeasure. “I’m Chen Xiang!” Chen Xiang said. Yu Haorui was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect that when he was speaking ill of Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang came here, he didn’t know whether to be happy or worried. Because Chen Xiang knew about the nasty things their father and son did! Yu Haorui immediately went to open the ‘door’, he saw Chen Xiang Surebet247, and immediately said angrily: “Chen Xiang, you shameless person, man city actually has the face to come to me!” “Yu Haorui, you must be talking nonsense here Right! You want to blame me for the livescore of Master Wang’s murder! Hmph, you father and son are so naive, do you really think that Master Wang is dead? Master Wang is a genius in alchemy. God.” Chen Xiang said coldly. “You… Parimatch… It’s obviously you who made Master Wang…” Before Yu Haorui finished speaking, Chen Xiang interrupted him: “Master Wang is too respectable, why do you think I should harm Leap with my strength? And your father is The one who is too dignified, he is the most worthy of chelsa’s suspicion.” Yuhao BGamingrui and Paripesa don’t know why Chen Xiang suddenly appeared at this time, he has to tell his father immediately, because this roulette matter is very important , especially the fact that Master Wang is still alive! At the beginning they watched live betting

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