Aoshidan Premier League God Chapter 2797 Three Su Leap Flower

Chen Xiang was a little caught off guard when Zheng Wen encountered this kind of thing. Judging from the other party’s arrogant online casino arrogance, this man in gold must have a good background. However, let him pick the ‘medicine’ materials like this, so when it comes to 1xBet, won’t he be the one to take the blame? Chen Xiang took out a bead and said: “A former Premier League boss told me that if someone forcibly picks ‘medicine’ materials, let me crush this bead!” You just came here!” The entourage behind the man in gold hurriedly sneered again and again: “The young master in front of you is Yu Haorui, the son of the three masters in the Taishi Pill Hall, he came to pick the ‘medicine’ materials, No roulette needs any gold ‘jade’ tokens at all.” “I don’t care who he is! I only recognize gold ‘jade’ tokens, if Leap you are really capable, ‘getting’ a gold ‘jade’ token is fundamental It’s not something, right!” Chen Xiang didn’t trust the other party, he felt that these two people were looking for him as a newcomer, so he wanted to trick him. If the other party does not have a gold ‘jade’ token, Betway will come to pick it. When the time comes to investigate, if the other party refuses to admit it, then he will be blamed. He can see through this little trick at a glance. “Okay, remember, I must make you look good.” Furious, Yu Haorui snorted and walked away. Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, shook his head and sighed: “Sure enough, it’s the same as Uncle Lin said, the environment here is not very good! As long as I can ‘get’ Dan Fang, I will leave immediately!” With Dan Fang , he will be able to break through to the Six Gods Realm, and then he will be able to become a true disciple, so he doesn’t have to suffer from these birds here. At night, an elder came here. “Elder, this

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