World Proud Pill God Chapter 275 liverpool 2 Evil Soul Betway Army

In the future, the reading record will be permanently preserved. Novel: Movie: Chen Xiang is not afraid of conflicts with Qin Xuan, but he is worried that Wu Xuan will be implicated because of this matter, so he stayed in the room during this time, and did not Go out, this is to avoid irritating Tan Xuan. Wu Xuan didn’t know what to do at this time, after all, the matter had already happened spinmatically, and he was limited, so he couldn’t help Chen Xiang to fight against Qin Xuan. He was also very entangled during this time, because offending Qin Xuan, the consequences would be more serious Yes, he can only protect himself at best. “What’s the matter these few days, you don’t want to do this!” Chen Xiang came to Wu Xuan’s room, it had been several days since the last conflict at the dinner party. “Aren’t you worried about Qin Xuan? This guy is very vicious, and I’m worried that he will use any means to retaliate against you.” Wu Xuan said: “Otherwise, you should stop participating in the Dragon Club. When the Dragon Club starts, it will inevitably happen If something happens, if you leave now, it will be much safer… In the worst case, I will not participate, Pragmatic Play will accompany you to hide for a while.” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “I am still worried about baccarat you! I came to find you , I intend to persuade you not to participate in the Dragon Club, and let you hide for a while.” “This poker… I have nothing to be afraid of, my self-protection is not a problem, I am worried about you!” Wuxuan man city Some said angrily. “Trust me on Surebet247, I’ll be fine! Don’t you know, I killed his apprentice under Tan Xuan’s nose, and ran away with an injured champions league player, he couldn’t do anything to me, let alone What’s more, I was still betting at the tenth level of the Taidao Realm at that time, and now I have already rumbled to the Divine Heaven Realm.” “The Divine Heaven Realm?” Wu Xuan fell.

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