World Proud Pill God Chapter Endorphina 2737 Xuanwu Pill Online Casino Pavilion

Text Chen Xiang is useless even if he is in a hurry to cultivate the law of Dao, because he is very short of Dao crystals in rumble, if he buys it directly, he will be at a loss, so he plans to try to see if he can get a place in the Flying Dragon Club. Use very few Dao crystals to condense the law beads by yourself. “Brother, it’s better for BGaming to be careful when you’re here at Slot Games. Although private fighting is forbidden here, if they have power and power, even if they beat you, they won’t have any consequences. Instead, you will fall.” Big mold.” After Yi Chong entered the city, he told Chen Xiang. “So, wouldn’t it be more dangerous here?” Chen Xiang saw that there was no city wall here, so he knew that this city was relatively loose. “There is one thing, but as long as you act carefully and don’t provoke people, usually nothing will happen. You see, many people here are very good at Paripesa.” Yi Chong laughed. If Chen Xiang wanted to earn Dao Crystals here, he would have to go to alchemy to sell them. It would be impossible not to offend others, after all he would touch the interests of many people. “Okay, I’m going to work now, you can go shopping here by yourself, the places outside, accommodation and so on are cheaper.” Yi Chong’s people were very good at betting the game, and gave Shen a few thousand Daojing fly. Chen Xiang didn’t accept it, and it was not easy for Yi Chong to earn Dao Crystals by himself, he was too embarrassed to take it, besides, he himself had a lot of Dao Crystals. Yi Chong’s work is also physical work, that is, he is responsible for escorting some people or hunting dragons and beasts on other floors. Chen Xiang’s cultivation is low, so he didn’t let Chen Xiang go with him. Parting from Yi Chong, Chen Xiang looked at the huge city, and said in his heart: “As long as you don’t enter the flashscore center of the city, you won’t offend those who have power and authority.

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