Proud Parimatch World Alchemy God Chapter 272 rumble 2 Sky City

In the future, it will be able to keep reading records forever. Novel: Movie: Xue Qing and Chen Xiang have known each other for a short time, but they don’t know the true origin of Chen Xiang. Now that he finally knows, he is very happy. BetWinner’s grandfather has just returned from Wan Dao Mausoleum, and he is preparing to make a comeback. He also lacks some talented people to help, and Chen Xiang is such a powerful alchemist, even if he just does business with his grandfather, his grandfather will not suffer. When in Wandao City, many people knew that when Chen Xiang cooperated with Donglong Villa and Phoenix La Liga Villa, they made each other a lot of money. Now that Chen Xiang has nowhere to go, he will definitely make money for Xue Yunxiong by relying on Xue Yunxiong, Xue Qing can be sure of this, he also knows that Chen Xiang sold the Heavenly Soul Golden Pill and Gumai God Pill through Taibo Taibao and Feng Ruxue before, and They changed hands again and made a lot of money. Now whoever cooperates with Chen Xiang will definitely make a lot of money. Soon, 22Bet selected people who sincerely wanted to follow forebet Xue Yunxiong. There were more than 500 people, plus two to three hundred Xue Yunxiong’s old subordinates, the number of people here is not too small. Of course, comparing the Seven Great Villas and the Three Gates, this number of people can be said to be pitifully small. Everything is difficult at the beginning, and as Xue Yunxiong is a strong man, he will definitely have a way to expand his power in the future, and now it is just the beginning. “Brothers who have climbed the Livescore Heart Training Platform, please follow me!” Xue Yunxiong shouted, and then flew into the small village. Xue Yunxiong is able to fly, he must have cultivated the Dao of flying, real madrid like him usually has several rare laws of Dao. And the baccarat pulse of flying Spinmatic is a must for many strong people. Anyone who boards the heart refining platform will get a jade plaque, and those who hold the jade plaque

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