Alchemy God Chapter 27 Pragmatic play 07 Death Spinmatic Fire of Death

Popular flashscore recommendation: Chen Xiang rushed towards Hu Luo, quickly grabbed Hu Luo, threw Hu Luo into the Creation God Furnace, and then turned into a stone, rolling down the mountain along with other rocks. He was not afraid of those two old men going back and telling Xihu Villa. Xihushan Betway Villa did something like this, it was at fault in the first place, if this matter got out, the reputation of Xihushanzhuang would not be good. “NetEnt is in trouble now. The young master was taken away by that guy, what should we do now.” An old man frowned, his face full of worry. “Go back to the owner first and see if the young owner’s life pearl Spinmatic is intact. If it has been broken… we have to plan for the best and the worst.” “Do you really want to go back? The life bead is shattered, we may not be able to leave, why don’t we stay away from Myriad Dao City now…or join the Heavenly Dao Gate, in short, we can’t go back to Xihu Villa.” The two were discussing the countermeasures, they are all Xihu Villa The owner’s old entourage does not have a high status in Xihu Villa, and is now in charge of protecting Hu Luo. If Hu Luo died, their fate must be very serious, so now they dare not go back. “Even if we go to Tiandaomen forebet, we will be very troublesome. If Xihu Villa knows that we are in Tiandaomen, they will definitely not let us go.” “We disguise ourselves and hide in Tiandaomen. , Regarding today’s matter, we didn’t say a word, it is that Xihu Villa should not be able to find us, just treat our poker and the owner of the small casino Slot as missing.” “Okay, that’s the decision.” Afterwards, this The two old men left the mountain one after another, and Chen Xiang had already arrived

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