Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2689 Rare poker method Leap rule

“Senior Tai, let’s go!” Chen Xiang wanted to ask Tai Shangzhen to have a drink. But Tai Shang really refused, he shook his head, he wanted to keep the roulette here. Chen Xiang guessed that Endorphina, a member of their three majors, would definitely come to meet them in this city after a while, after all, their strength here is considered Bùcuò. Chen Xiang already has Dao Crystal, and there is also a Myriad Dao God Monument here, he walked to the counter and asked the affiliate: “Shopkeeper, how do you sell the power here?” “It’s different, the prices are all different, the more The more rare the power of law is, the more expensive it is,” said the shopkeeper. “That’s it! Then how to sell the flight law Betking and the space law?” Chen Xiang asked again. “This is expensive. The law of flight and the law of space Nairabet belong to the rare paripesa power of the law. Only 100 million Dao crystals can buy one law bead!” The shopkeeper just bought one of Chen Xiang’s, but it was only real madrid Thousands of Dao Crystals. “It’s so expensive!” Chen Xiang was shocked, after selling Longlang, he also had an idea of ​​Dao Jing. “We don’t actually make any money. I need to consume a lot of Dao crystals to extract the power of laws from the Myriad Dao God Tablet. It takes about 95 million Dao crystals. And it takes a long time. Help to extract the purest law power, if you get the law bead, you can quickly get the power of law.” The shopkeeper took out a law bead and said: “This is the fire law bead, it is cheaper, ten thousand yuan One crystal.” Chen Xiang now understands that he has very few Dao crystals in his hand, it is only enough to eat and stay in a hotel here, and he needs a lot of Dao crystals in exchange for the power of law. “Then how effective is this law bead?” Chen Xiang thought for a while,

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