Dark BGaming Night Ranger Chapter 114 Star Slot Games Sky Juggernaut

Before the second volume of the cataclysmic Evolution game, the chief wizard group of River Beach City consisted of 22 high-level wizards, including eight third-level wizards and fourteen second-level wizards. +◆+man city◆, in the face of monsters like the Painful Monk, Madeline naturally didn’t need to make a move. The ones who made the move were six third-tier wizards among them. Their BetWinner unanimously chose to dissociate! Illuminated by the light of the Holy Grail, the resistance of the painful monk has been greatly reduced. Disintegration, a spell with a low success rate, can exert a strong effect! Sure enough, before the painful monks counterattacked, the dissociation techniques of six third-order wizards successfully turned the two painful monks into fly ash! Green light flickered in front of the closed gate, and there was a dead silence in the scarlet monastery. The river beach city defense team officially stepped forward, among them were a few extremely strong shield guards, holding giant shields, and suddenly launched an impact on the gate. The shield attacks of several shield guards in a row collided with the gate, and the tightly closed gate immediately loosened. “Keep bumping!” Madeline’s voice carried a hint of doubt. A few shield guards took a step back, and a second team of shield guards immediately took over! Rumble! This time, the door was knocked open at a corner, revealing the faint fog in the scarlet monastery. Marvin knew that if Paripesa was in another place, Madeline would definitely bring the siege engine or something directly up. However, on such a hill, there is no room for siege engines, and only shield guards can be used to smash through such a large roulette gate. As for the thieves, unlocking Slot Games is okay, but the gate of Scarlet Monastery is blocked by magic and physics. use

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