The Alchemy God Chapter 26 Surebet24773 Kill BetWinner God Mountain

And Chen Xiang asked Ye Jiang to declare to the outside world that he had accepted an apprentice, so that Ye Jiang could still maintain his identity as the alchemy master. “Master, are you alchemy or not? Your alchemy is really amazing, just giving me a few casual pointers made me make such a huge improvement.” Chen Xiang was sitting in the carriage at this time, Ye Jiang was driving. The two horses pulling the cart are both divine horses with abundant physical strength. Although their running speed is not as fast as Chen Xiang’s, they are not too slow. The carriage is also specially made and refined, and it is very light. Down, like flying. “No, I want to know how to enter the Alchemy Dao.” Chen Xiang said. “I don’t know how to enter the alchemy, it’s very difficult, and I’ve never met a person of alchemy.” Ye Jiang said: “But I’ve heard that people of alchemy are refining Jinyuan Daodan, which seems to be the same as the old man. Master Betway, you are almost as Spinmatic.” “So I want you to pretend to be someone from Dan Dao, so maybe we can attract people from Dan Dao. Msports” Chen Xiang said with a smile. “Master is really a good idea… But will this be dangerous?” Ye Jiang asked worriedly, he didn’t know what strength Chen Xiang was now, he felt that Chen Xiang was so strong in alchemy, his strength was definitely not weak. “Ye Jiang, which sect has the strongest swordsmanship?” Chen Xiang asked: “If you can’t enter alchemy, it’s not bad to go to swordsmanship.” The urban area is dozens of times larger than Shenhong Mountain, and many of them are staying in the urban area to enter Betway’s live betting on Killing God Mountain. Many people have stayed at Bet9ja for tens of thousands of years, but they can’t join Kendo.” “Okay, now

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