Ao Shi Dan God real madrid Chapter 2658 The Road to God Desolation 1xBet

Chen Xiang knew that Yuan Feng and the others went to the Evil God Mountain to find trouble, and the LiveScore did not expect to be able to solve it so quickly, and even flattened the entire Evil God Mountain FlashScore. (360 search Wenshan, more man cities will be updated sooner) “Don’t call me the God of Heaven, I am now called Yuan Liverpool Feng, Laoqian, you are living a very good life now.” Yuan Feng walked into the study and laughed . “My name is Yuan Xin.” Yuan Xin bowed his hands to the master. “Wan Yuxiong.” The big villa owner looked at Chen Xiang, and seemed to understand what was going on. “Okay, how did you Betting get rid of the constraints of that power.” The big manor said. The restraint of the big boss is not as strong as that of Slot Games, but it prevents him from improving and cannot leave the world of heaven, so he has been struggling with Surebet247 to find a solution for Nairabet all these years. Now seeing that Yuan Xin and Yuan Feng can get rid of it, he really wants to know. He also went to find Du Xiaoling before, and asked Xu Youqing to try for him, but they couldn’t succeed. “This kid helped me. If we hadn’t been thrown into the abyss of evil spirit suddenly, he would have come back to help you.” Yuan Feng laughed. Chen Xiang took out a few pills condensed from the original Dao power, threw it to the big villa owner, and said: “This is what they use.” The original Dao power is very difficult to obtain for the people here, but Chen Xiang has inexhaustible . “Primitive Dao Power… This is the pill condensed by Primitive Dao Power.” The owner of the villa was shocked, and his body was shaking. This is really a rare Evolution game for him. And the ban in his soul requires a lot of primitive power to lift it. “This kid is full of primitive Dao power, otherwise he wouldn’t be so scary. I really don’t know how he cultivated.” Yuan Feng sighed. “I’m an alchemist champions league…

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