Aoshidan Spinmatic God Chapter 2628 Endorphina Fights Four Beasts Alone

Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang jumped into the Colosseum, and when he landed, he saw a steel arm ape jumping up below. That huge and powerful ape was already accumulating energy, ready to punch him in the air. Zhou Tianqiang only released the steel arm ape when he was going down before, but now Chen Xiang has four steel arm monkeys below the bet game, so he just went down, the flashscore on this point is very unfavorable to him. Slot Games “Big man, jumping into the air by yourself la liga, this is killing yourself.” Chen Xiang hummed in his heart. The giant fist of the steel arm monkey came very fast, Nairabet was like a black light, but Chen Xiang had already predicted the time when the other party would punch, so he avoided it in advance, while avoiding, the weapon in his hand The spear pierced fiercely into the eyes of the steel-armed ape, and pierced out from the back of the head. Just like that, Chen Xiang killed a steel-armed ape in one fell swoop, which surprised everyone, especially Zhou Tianqiang, he didn’t expect Chen Xiang’s dodge speed to be so fast, and it was still in the air, and the attack speed was shockingly fast , at least baccarat faster than him. “This steel-armed ape is really stupid. If he stays well below, and there are three other steel-armed apes to restrain Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang won’t be so easy to succeed, so he jumps into the air to attack Chen Xiang. His oversized body is A target, and Chen Xiang’s body size is very small for him, so dodging and attacking is very advantageous.” Yuan Feng said with a smile, judging from Chen Xiang’s dodge and blow just now, he knew that Chen Xiang was in the middle of the attack. Physically, hard work has been put into it. Although the body is thinner than Zhou Tianqiang’s, his strength is not weaker than Zhou Tianqiang’s. The steel-armed ape that jumped up just now is one of the two heads released just now, Parimatch, probably because Zhou Tianqiang’s

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