Alchemy God Chapter 26 Endorphina Chapter 27 Steel Arm Mozzartbet Ape

Popular recommendation: “Second, the weapons used can only be made by our tribe, not your own. I know that you foreigners have a lot of weird things called artifacts, and you can’t use them either. Those things.” “Third, whoever defeats the steel arm ape in the shortest time will win.” Chen Xiang looked at the four cages hanging next to the colosseum below, and said: “How many words are there in one battle?” Slot Games Steel Arm Apes.” “Two at a time.” Zhou Lie said: “These steel arm apes were not injured, we captured them alive with traps and fed them for a month, and their strength is about the same.” “Okay, I I don’t have any comments, let’s start now.” Chen Xiang said. Zhou Tianqiang walked over with a very rough voice: “I’ll come first.” Then, he picked up two long knives from the weapon pile, and jumped into the parimatch below, which is equivalent to entering the Colosseum. Zhou Lie was not worried about his son, he knew that his son was very strong, he nodded to an old man, the old man put down the iron cage of two Paripesa steel arm apes, and opened the door of the iron cage. Zhou Tianqiang was already very strong, but the steel arm ape was even stronger, more than twice as tall as Zhou Tianqiang. Those arms were covered with stiff steel sheets, and the two big muscles on his chest were also very strong steel blocks. The arm-ape punched the steel block on its chest with both fists, making a crisp “bang bang” sound. Many fighters at the scene were terrified. They all knew the prestige of the steel arm ape. They were all struggling to face the casino slot, and the flashscore was still in the Colosseum. Although the Colosseum is spacious, it is very flat, and there are great restrictions on running

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