God of Alchemy of the World Chapter 258Surebet2473 Tianhuang NetEnt Son

In the main text, this big villa owner has long known that Shen Xiang knows how to make alchemy, and he still uses the art of alchemy to make it, but he has never seen Chen Xiang’s level of alchemy. Now he has finally seen NetEnt, which is more powerful than he imagined Many, at least he has never met an alchemist who can refine the Dao God Emperor Yuandan to this level. (360 search Wenshan, more and faster updates) Chen Xiang said with a smile: “When Paripesa is the Liverpool I refined, I rely on this pill to continuously strengthen Leap’s body.” The owner nodded: “If you keep eating With this kind of pill, you can indeed cultivate a very powerful physical body in a short period of time. No wonder you have Wuji Dao Qi on your body. It seems that you have already started to cultivate the golden body of the Dao God.” The children of the Desolate Family have fought against each other, those three young men, they all look weak, but they are the cultivation base of the Dao Sect.” Chen Xiang recalled that young man in golden clothes who was killed by him with one punch, he did not expect The boy in the golden suit is so much weaker than him. “Among the ten major aspects of Gaming, the Daoxuan realm is the most important stage. Generally speaking, the entire realm determines the future strength of the Spinmatic. You should also know that when you are at the Daoxuan realm, you are mainly cultivating the Daoxuan gate. , The wider the Dao Betting Profound Gate is opened, the stronger the Dao Power will be.” “Yes.” Chen Xiang nodded and said, he also continued to refine the Dao God Emperor in pursuit of opening all the tenfold Dao Profound Gates. Yuan Dan’s. “Of course, after passing the Daoxuan Realm, you can continue to practice the Daoxuan Gate in the future, because the next Daoist and Daozong realms can’t improve the strength too much, which is far inferior to cultivating the Daoxuan Zhimen.” The door gets a lot of power.” said the big manor owner

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