Proud La Liga World Alchemy Chapter 2568 Man City Quadruple Collision

Popular recommendation: The Ten Soul Pill and the Xuandao King Pill that Chen Xiang wants to refine are both king-rank high-grade pills. In the past, this was quite a challenge for him, but now it is a challenge for him. It is very easy to refine. After all, he can already refine the middle-grade emperor-level pills, and it is still relatively difficult. “Chen Xiang, you want such a big place, do you want to use the Dawan Alchemy? How many furnaces do you plan to refine?” Lu Qilian suddenly guessed something, she had seen the Dawan Alchemy and alchemy used by Chen Xiang before. The speed is terrifying. “I don’t know yet. I’m currently estimating it. It may take a while.” Chen Xiang was calculating, he was very clear about his own strength, and he also knew the consumption required for refining the Ten Soul Pill and the Xuandao King Pill. So he needs a rough estimate, and now he doesn’t have the absolute certainty to refine 10,000 furnaces of pills at the same time, and there are two different kinds of pills. Lu Qilian and Long Huishan saw that Chen Xiang was so serious at this time, and Paripesa didn’t la liga to bother him, and cultivated the heart of the profound way by themselves. Chen Xiang thought for a full hour before he let out a long sigh. “What’s the matter?” Lu Qilian asked as she opened her eyes when she heard his sigh. “It’s still not enough cultivation, I feel that it’s almost there.” Chen Xiang said: “It seems that I have to cultivate to the tenth level of the Dao Soul Realm first.” Now he has reached the sixth level of the Dao Soul, not too bad How much, it’s just that he doesn’t have so many Ten Soul Pills on hand now. “If you want to upgrade to the sixth level of the Dao Soul Realm, you must need a lot of Ten Soul Pills, at least five hundred pills. We don’t have that many at the moment.” Lu Qilian said, she was still relatively confused about the pills.

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