Aoshidan God champions league Chapter 2550 The lonely poisonous girl

Popular recommendation: Du Xiaoling finished crying, her eyes were a bit liverpool red, please cry loudly in front of a man, this made Du Xiaoling a little shy, she lowered her head slightly, and wiped away her tears. “I made you laugh!” Du Xiaoling low voice. “It’s okay, I can understand it, it’s fine if you cry!” Chen Xiang smiled: “I’ll put Sister Bai Ling with you right now, I’ll go back and bring my wife, let her see if she can help You release Heaven’s control over you.” “Well, Ziqian is back, I will let her wait for you here, and I will take good care of Bai Ling.” Du Xiaoling nodded quickly, looking like a well-behaved little girl. Chen Xiang left Beast Desolation, and returned to Baihua Village. “Heavenly Poison God is really not a betting thing, he actually calls such a girl an old woman.” Chen Xiang despised Heaven God very much in his heart. Now he feels that Tiandu God is very pitiful. She herself is a kind-hearted person, but she is forced to do bad things and kill people. No matter how you look at it, it is like a curse, and it is very cruel. Good Slot Games tortured enough. Du Xiaoling couldn’t commit suicide either, she couldn’t even die, Chen Xiang felt very sad when he thought about it, and at the same time felt that the way of heaven was very ruthless. Chen Xiang soon returned to Baihua Village, Xu Youqing was discussing with Liu Meng’er and the others how to arrange Bet9ja’s curse attack formation, and it was at a critical place, so Chen Xiang could only wait for them to finish their work. “It’s really rare that even a lazy little dragon is working so hard to train, baccarat!” Chen Xiang was in a garden at this time, where Yue Flashscore and Shui Bingyan were all here. Shui Bingyan is stepping on the nectar of flowers with Xiao Jin’er at this time, although these two girls are very charming and moving

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