chelsa Aoshidan Casino Slot God Chapter 2532 Nine Heavens Bow

Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang has cultivated the heart of the profound way before, and also cultivated a lot of power of the profound way. ,ybdu, However, not to mention dealing with the stronger black-haired people, even the weaker black-haired people will be more difficult, so they have to rely on the mysterious power of Tiexiong and the Iron Warriors team. Tie Xiong and the others grew up in this mysterious wasteland since they were young. They have been cultivating the power of the profound way for many years. After accumulating it, it is already very strong. Now they are shot out through Chen Xiang Leap’s Nine Heavens Bow, which is condensed and enhanced. Force becomes stronger! “Hoo…” Chen Xiang shot another arrow, piercing through more than a dozen black-haired men in an instant, and accurately hit one of the black-haired men who knew how to use space power! If the golden heart of the black-haired man is attacked by the power of the profound way from outside, it will explode very violently! The bigger the gold heart, the greater the power of the explosion, and the black betting hairy man who knows how to use space power has a very big gold heart. So after being hit by the heart, it will be blown up immediately, affecting the black-haired people around! “It’s a pity!” Tiexiong couldn’t help sighing when he saw that there were nearly a thousand black-haired people missing from behind, because the golden hearts of black-haired people are very precious, especially those powerful black-haired people at BetWinner. is the most precious of Parimatch. “Yes, affiliate, but there is no other way.” Chen Xiang also knew what Tie Xiong was feeling sorry for, in fact, he also wanted to get some black-haired man’s golden hearts to try, and see if he could refine them into pills. As long as the golden heart of a black-haired man explodes completely, the nearby black-haired people will also be affected, and their golden hearts will also explode, creating a chain reaction, so when Chen Xiang hits a black-haired man , resulting in a burst

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