World Proud Pill God Real Madrid Chapter 2517 Affiliate Divine Army Dao Zun

Popular recommendation: Before Chen Xiang, Roulette didn’t know the value of the Tianxuan Golden Ginseng’s flashscore, but now he could tell that the value of the Tianxuan Golden Ginseng was much higher than he imagined. “Tie Yuntian, look at your son, at what time is he still so concerned about his own personal interests? His iron battle team got such good things, so they should be distributed to everyone.” Daoist Shenjun sighed He said: “It can’t be blamed on him. Forebet heard that he also has a very beautiful small villa.” Tie Yuntian is the lord of the city, and man city is Tiexiong’s father. Daoist Shenjun is talking about this kind of thing now. Ming just wanted to have trouble with him. He knew his son very well, and his son was also very strong. He was independent from childhood to adulthood. He was also proud of having this son in his heart. “Shenjun Daozun, Ah Xiong and his iron battle team are not weak, and the Tianxuan Golden Ginseng is all bought by them in exchange for their lives. How they deal with it is their business. I remember the three under your command. This team also often gets good things, and I haven’t seen you share them with the big players.” Tie Yuntian laughed, with a hint of sarcasm in his laughter. “My team is all for this city, and we all know the nature of Tiexiong’s iron battle team. They go out to Slot Games to look for Leap to find resources, and then bring them back and resell them, all for personal gain.” Shenjun Dao Zun said: “Of course, I am a reasonable person. Tiexiong pays the Xuan Dao Stone on time every month, and his team is also exhausted. Every time he comes back, he will hand in the gold heart.” “In that case , Then what are you talking about, you just say so if you want my Tianxuan Golden Ginseng.” Tie Xiong stood up and said angrily.

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