Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2502 Surebet247 Fire to death baccarat poison

Chen Xiang now just wants to quickly remove all the dead poison on the island, so that his father can be chxiàn on the ground again! However, he was still a little worried. If the poison was cleared, would he be able to chxiàn again in the future? Of course, if he wants to know the true love, he has to ask the gods of heaven. Now he only has the tenth level of Dao Dan’s cultivation base. He has to enter the Dao Soul Realm to make the creation flame stronger. Only in this way can the dead poison be eliminated. Stepping into the Dao Soul Realm is to transform the bones in the body into Dao Soul, into a more powerful existence, and the previous Dao Pill Realm is to transform the Surebet247 Godhead into Dao Pill! After transforming into dao soul, it also means that Chen Xiang la liga’s physical body will become stronger, and when using dao yuan divine power, he can release more at once, and when borrowing the power of heaven, he can also borrow more. After he ate some ascending dao pills, he quietly entered the state of cultivation. At this time, it was very quiet inside, and Betting Island Spirit didn’t bother him, just watched quietly. For Chen Xiang to come here, and Slot Games has done so many things betting, Dao Ling is also very surprised, because this is his only hope at present, before he was holding the mentality of waiting for death in the champions league, but Now he sees hope. During Chen Xiang’s unknowing cultivation, he felt slight changes in his body. The bones in his body were gradually exuding warm power, making the parts of his body itchy. of. This is a sign that the transformation is in progress. If it succeeds, all the bones in his body will be transformed into a spinmatic soul evolution game! After a few days of baccarat, Chen Xiang’s skin oozes a lot

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