Aoshi Danshen Chapter 2Live betting48Parimatch8Fate Diffuse Technique

When Chen Xiang walked out of the alchemy betting room, he saw Huang Jintian sitting in the hall with a smile on his face, drinking fruit wine with his legs crossed. “Master, what is the effect of that Dao Ascension Pill?” Chen Xiang asked. “The effect is not so good.” Huang Jintian gave Chen Xiang a thumbs up: “Accepting you as an apprentice is the most correct thing man city has done in my life, hey.” “Others are masters helping apprentices.” , why now Roulette always looks like you are taking advantage of my friends.” Chen Xiang smiled, took out a cup, and went to pick up the fruit wine he poured out. “I can’t help it, who asked you to be my useless master, so I will eat you for the rest of my life.” Huang Jintian laughed. “Help me figure out my father and see if you can figure out his current situation.” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “You took my advantage.” Huang Jintian took out his Tianyan Shenlu, and he calculated the more difficult thing Every time, you need to use Tianyan Shenlu. “It seems that in your eyes, I’m only useful for this.” Huang Jintian smiled, and after he took out the Tianyan Shenlu, he began to count. Only he himself can see Paripesa Huang Jintian’s Tianyan Shenlu, and when outsiders see it, it is transparent. But now Chen Xiang could see that the turbine’s crystal Evolution game board was full of white text, all of which he couldn’t understand. Huang Jintian frowned tightly, and his face didn’t look very good. “Master.” Chen Xiang called out, and he also started to worry at this time, because Huang Jintian rarely had such a baccarat expression. Huang Jintian opened his eyes with a solemn expression on Nairabet. “Master, what’s the result?” Chen Xiang asked hastily. “It’s hard to say. Anyway, your father is still alive, but the situation is not very good. The fate technique I just used,

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