Aoshi Danshen 1xBet Chapter 24Parimatch58 Heaven Descends to a Strange Mountain

Popular recommendation: Huang Jintian took the things Chen Xiang gave him and left the city, and Chen Xiang planned to refine the Dao bone pill. “Brother Shen, are you inside?” Bet9ja’s roulette was Jiang Xian’s voice. Chen Xiang hurriedly went to open the door, and said with a smile: “You came here just after I left the customs, it’s quite accurate!” The fastest time has come.” Jiang Xian said with a smile. “Come in and sit!” Chen Xiang said. “1xBet can’t do it, I came to you in a hurry!” Jiang Xian took out a jade talisman and said to Endorphina, “You can see for yourself! I heard it was given to you by Xie Qiaoyan. I don’t know what’s in it. I know, it should be urgent.” At the beginning, Xie Qiaoyan said that there was an important live betting to return to Wuji Shenshan, but she would be back soon, but now it has been three months, and she has not returned from Slot Games. Chen Xiang took the jade talisman, infiltrated it with his spiritual consciousness, and immediately heard Xie Qiaoyan’s voice: “Chen Xiang, you must not leave the city controlled by the three major banks. Now there are many forces outside who want to arrest you. They They are all very powerful, including the undead gods!” He is so famous now, those undead gods and evil spirits who are in his era will definitely hear about his deeds, and it is normal for Betway to know now . “Do you have any news about Xie Qiaoyan? She said she would come back, why are you sending me a message for her now?” Chen Xiang asked. “She came here a month ago, but she couldn’t enter your villa. She said she still had something to do in Wuji Mountain, so she asked me to pass this on to you! What did it say? Is it something important?” Jiang Xian asked

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