Night Ranger Chapter 91 Dragon Slaying BetWinner’s real madrid sword

Share this site to: Style settings: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register In the whirlwind port, the ancient red dragon roared angrily. He raised his live betting head high, flapped his wings vigorously, and tried to fly up by force, but two mountain giants hung from both ends of the iron chain, locking him in place. The la liga legendary career of the two rogues also exploded Bet9ja’s fierce attack. The Shadow Thief’s dagger was obviously enchanted with Armor Breaking, and it stared right into the Red Dragon’s neck! On the other side, the Killing Hand, which is more specialized in offense, is the premier league. Surebet247 has carried out endless attacks on the wings of the red dragon. He used short blades that were a little longer than the dagger, but the pair of short blades exuded a faint dark radiance. This is a legendary item! In just a few breaths, he scraped off the scales of the Red Dragon Indestructible Sporty Beetle, and cut a bloodstain as deep as the bones! The ancient red dragon Earl opened his mouth angrily, and the terrifying dragon’s breath spread again. Countless ordinary soldiers were sprayed and turned into fly ash! Even if they were protected by shields, the shields turned into molten iron and were cast on them immediately, and they fell to the ground and howled in pain. The mountain giant also failed to escape! Their bodies were scorched by dragon fire, and although their super magic immunity and vitality ensured that they were not immediately killed by the dragon’s breath, they still fell to the ground in pain. One even burned Rumble’s eyes by the flames, and actually <started running around the city! The situation was good just now, but suddenly there was a slight fluctuation. The four legendary professions are alright, the barbarians and the legendary monks all fled to heaven under the support of the wizard.

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