Aoshi Danshen Chapter 24 baccarat 43 The Situation of Wangu Mountain

Chen Xiang watched the bet game and saw that Jiang Xian was so devoted, he smiled and said: “Brother Jiang, do you want to try it next time. (Text Endorphina Mountain)” Jiang Xian nodded Spinmatic and said: “Of course I want to, but I can’t do it now, it will be our Jiang family’s meeting in a few days, I can’t get hurt here, otherwise BetWinner will be troubled by then, and those guys will definitely see my joke.” Now the three major banks have gathered many strong people, Many of them are talented, and Jiang Xian is also worried that Liverpool will encounter monsters that he can’t beat, and he will be injured when the time comes, and when the head of the Jiang family lives for a long time, if he comes out injured, he will definitely be laughed at by others. BGaming Jiang Xian can only watch itching in his heart, but he can’t play on stage. “Brother Shen, you must go when the time comes. You are a famous person here now. If I can invite you, I will have a lot of face in the Jiang family.” Jiang Xian laughed. “Don’t worry, I will go. How many days are left? It will be in two days. I will go to you then. Where do you live?” Jiang Xian asked. Chen Xiang told Jiang Xian his address, and Jiang Xian was shocked when he learned that the live betting was bought by Chen Xiang himself. “Brother Chen, you are really rich. You bought such a large piece of land by yourself, which is enough to accommodate a sect. Now you are the only one living in it.” Jiang Xian asked. “Of course not, I still have two female slaves.” Chen Xiang chuckled. Jiang Xian only remembered now that Chen Xiang bought Yang Xiangyin with 4 billion before, and then won 5 billion from Ning Quan. Chen Xiang is only himself, but he personally has as much money as NetEnt. In this three-coin god city, it can be considered very rich. certainly,

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