Aoshi Danshen Chapter 236sports betting Chapter 8 Heavenly Dao God Casino Slot Spirit

Popular recommendation: Chen Xiang is still very familiar with the location of Baihua Village, Paripesa, but after he came here, he didn’t see Baihua Village! “What’s the matter la liga?” Chen Xiang ran back and forth a few times, he remembered correctly, Baihua Village should be here. This made him suddenly worried. He was worried that something went wrong and the flashscore of Baihua Village would disappear! “Don’t worry, we’re fine!” Chen Xiang suddenly heard Lu Qilian’s voice transmission, which immediately relieved him. “Then where are you? Why can’t I see Baihua Village?” Chen Xiang asked Msports. “We used formations to hide. The Evil Spirits just flew over the bet game! BGaming” Lu Qilian said, “Do you want to come in?” Chen Xiang originally wanted to enter Bet9ja to see them, but after thinking about it , said: “I won’t go in, I have to travel around as BetWinner, I don’t know what happened to the other four great protoss.” Although the four major protoss knew it in advance, they didn’t have the formation like Baihua Village In defense, Chen Xiang was a little worried about them. According to his memory, he ran in this forest. He first went to the Shenlong clan, because he was most familiar with the Shenlong clan. The place where the Dragon Clan is located is also in the forest, and some buildings have been merged with some trees. This is all caused by the fusion of the two eras. The Shenlong clan didn’t have anything to do, and neither the evil spirit clan nor the undead god clan found them. “The other three clans have nothing to do. They have contacted us before. I didn’t expect that the things left by our ancestors will suddenly be useful now.” Patriarch Shenlong laughed, and saw a very old-looking piece in his hand. sapphire. “That’s fine, I won’t go to them now

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