Proud Slot Games Shidanshen Chapter 23forebet53 Playing in Wangushan

Popular recommendation: Jiu Canghai quickly took a pill. After the medicine dissipated, he could immediately feel that it could prolong his lifespan just like what Chen Xiang said. Not long after, Jiu Canghai looked much younger, a middle-aged man full of vitality. “It’s really useful, you’ve really made great progress in alchemy.” Jiu Canghai said with a smile, the smile was very bright, and it was very different from before. After Spinmatic Paripesa followed the roulette, Shen Xiang and Jiu Canghai talked a lot about the Star Law God Realm, letting Jiu Canghai know the crisis here, of course, if it broke out, it wouldn’t spread to the big star so quickly. After Jiu Canghai learned about it, he sighed repeatedly about Slot Games. Before, he thought that the peak god emperor was the end, but he didn’t expect that there was still a heavenly realm on it. He always felt that the power of affiliates had no limit. Chen Xiang felt the same way, and then he told Jiu Canghai the direction to cultivate the Second Divine Sea, and asked Jiu Canghai to teach it to other people in Jiutianmen. la liga After the big Tianxing finished the old one, Chen Xiang returned to the Wangu Tianxing. This Wangu Mountain is the knot in his heart. If he doesn’t control the Wangu Mountain in his hands, he will be very worried. Chen Xiang ate the Nine-bone Divine Pill that was refined from the five hundred bone-frame divine fruits before, and he has already cultivated the ninth bone-frame, and the second divine sea has also appeared, which is the Tai Chi Yin-Yang diagram that he is very familiar with before poker. What is a little different is that there were originally five beast statues, but now there are six. There was an extra sky unicorn floating in the air. “My Second Divine Sea cultivation is not to condense the godhead, but to help these six heavenly beasts condense their bones.” After Chen Xiang saw the familiar Second Divine Sea, he could clearly feel it. If someone else’s Mozzartbet second god

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