Aoshi Danshen Chapter man city2308 flashscore Qinglong Secret Realm

Popular recommendations: Chen Xiang looked at Long Yingyi, and when he met Long Yingyi’s gaze, he felt a strong killing intent. The Great Elder said loudly again: “Also, you must not engage in killing when you go in, you can injure the opponent. If you engage in mass killing, not only will you be disqualified from the Evolution game, but you will also be executed by the clan rules after you come out. Mozzartbet must remember.” The Great Elder looked at Chen Xiang, and said seriously: “Chen Xiang, don’t kill when the time comes, otherwise we will execute you, of course, they can’t kill you, if they kill you , I will also let them pay for their lives, chelsa.” Chen Xiang nodded and said: “Grand Elder, I remember.” “Okay, but you probably won’t find many dragon scales when you go in, because you are not a dragon, and our dragon clan is right The dragon scale has a sense, so it will have many advantages over you, of course, you are only going in to practice, so don’t take it too seriously.” The elder said. Hearing what the Great Elder said, Long Jinrong was secretly relieved. He knew that what the Great Elder said was right. If he was looking for dragon scales, his dragons would definitely be faster than humans. “Then start to enter the Azure Dragon Secret Realm now. There are many tests waiting for you inside. Dragon scales are not so easy to get. Even if you can sense BGaming to get them, you still have to go through many difficulties to get them.” said the elder. Afterwards, Chen Xiang and ten other grandsons jumped into Qinglong Lake one after another. It’s just that when Chen Xiang touched the lake water, a white light appeared in front of Chen Xiang’s eyes, and then he found himself falling into a swamp, making his whole body dirty. “Sensing dragon scales, it seems that it is a bit difficult to obtain qualifications. Such rules seem to require a little luck, even if I am not here

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