Rumble World-Proud Pill God Chapter 22affiliate78 Earth Dragon Sacrifice

“Is it too vicious for him to use this kind of method? What about the rules of Star Law God Realm?” “That kind of rule is useless to him. After all, no one can tell where those hearts come from. There are many stars, bet game can get a lot of low-level stars at random, and no one cares about those weak mortals being killed.” Chen Xiang heard someone talking about this matter again, he actually I haven’t heard of it, but now many people are whispering about it. It seems that most of the people near Wangu Mountain know about this kind of thing, but not long ago, many people have a very bad impression of Jin Xiongyao. “Xiong Yao, kill him, and let his body be at your disposal,” said the elder. When Jin Xiongyao saw Chen Xiang, his eyes also shone brightly. He seemed to have used some secret technique, and he could see that Chen Xiang’s physical body was very strong. To him, it was the best auxiliary material for alchemy. “Guys like you are not worthy of being an alchemist.” Chen Xiang said coldly. “Whether you are worthy or not, it doesn’t matter what you say, besides, you are already a dead person! You are used by me as a material for alchemy. This is a blessing that you can’t cultivate in eight lifetimes. You are lucky to die in my hands.” Jin Xiongyao sneered and said: “Your fleshy body is Bùcuò, no wonder you can kill it easily.” The elder of Wangu Mountain suddenly shouted: “Start!” This started shouting very suddenly, Chen Xiang originally said a few words , but Jin Xiongyao has turned into a golden light and flew over. From a distance, his body is like a golden long sword at this moment, and Betting fiercely stabs at Chen Xiang’s throat. “Nairabe hum!” Shen NetEnt Xiang did not avoid

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