Proud World Casino Slot Pill God Chapter 2la liga263 Purple Heart God Lotus

Seeing that Feng Qing was dying at the foot of the body, Feng Wu was a little excited: “I am no longer afraid of the Feng family, and I have been thinking about using me to exchange more benefits all day long!” Chen Xiang took out the Creation Stove, Released a small ball of flames, and then controlled the flames to fall on Feng Qing’s body, instantly burning Feng Qing’s body to ashes. (Baidu search Wenshan, more and faster updates) Seeing how terrifying these flames were, Feng Wu hurriedly took a few steps back. “What kind of flame is this? Liverpool is too scary!” Feng Wu’s face turned pale with fright. “Don’t be afraid, these flames will not burn you under my control, even if you touch the flames, it will be fine.” Chen Xiang laughed. Feng Wu stuck out her tongue, and said with a smile: “It seems that these guys think that the low-grade bone Mozzatbet has too many Spinmatic pills, so they ran back and forebeted them back to you! Now you got the Bisheng Shenlian for nothing.” Xiang smiled and said nothing. He had seen Feng Qing following him before, and he had already guessed that the other party wanted to do something to them and get back the Bisheng Shenlian. He had encountered this kind of thing before, so he deliberately led Feng Qing out. City, after confirming that the other party was going to attack them, he NetEnt counter-killed the other party. “Where are we going now? You are still short of a kind of lotus, and you can refine the three lotus elixir to detoxify your wife.” Feng Wu’s eyes lit up, and Slot Games said: “How about we go to Cangyun City Find that old man who knows everything about sports betting, maybe he can ask some questions.” “Yes! Why didn’t I think of it, I should have tried it long ago.” Chen Xiang laughed. “I didn’t think of 22Bet before 1xBet. I always thought that he only knew something unrelated to pills. Let’s try it first.” Feng Wu said. Subsequently,

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