Aoshidan Livescore God Chapter 2248 Bigger Spinmatic Lord

Popular recommendation: “I have already separated from the Feng family, and I have compensated them as well. Why don’t you let me go.” Feng Wu was very annoyed. Unable to resist, she originally thought that she would enter Wangu Mountain in the Premier League and work hard in Wangu Mountain for a period of time to become a true disciple, and the Feng family would not dare to do anything to her by then. But now, she met the children of the Feng family here. “Feng Wu, how many bones do you have now?” Chen Xiang asked: “You already have eighty godheads, it is not easy to cultivate the godhead in a short time, but you can cultivate the bones, which will allow you to quickly The only way to increase your strength is roulette, so you can become a true disciple faster.” Feng Wu has more than eighty godheads, but Chen Xiang always feels that BGaming’s strength is a little bit worse, otherwise she would not be able to fight a holy-level alien beast. It would be so strenuous, but if she had more bones, it would be very easy to deal with the holy beasts. “I… I only have one bone. I cultivated this Msports a long time ago. It’s not so easy to condense a bone in a short time. I don’t have a bone pill. I entered Wangu Mountain to earn more livescore. Shenyuan Stone, it’s easier to buy high-level bone essence pills, and now I need at least middle-grade bone skeleton pills to condense my bones.” Feng Wu thought that what Chen Xiang said just now was unreliable, she felt that she wanted to condense her bones, It is much more difficult than cultivating a godhead. “I have 22Bet bone bone pill.” Chen Xiang said: “You wait here for me for a while.” Chen Xiang entered his new room, closed the door, and took out the mid-grade bone bone pill. He has a lot of magic medicine, all when Pragmatic play is in the center of the earth,

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