Proud Online Casino World Alchemy Chapter 21 Premier League Chapter 73 Nine Disasters

The time limit is two days, but everyone felt that Chen Xiang would not succeed. Seeing him sitting there motionless, he was thinking about the Premier League īforebetdào, and he must not be able to refine the Champions League. Everyone knows that no matter how many times you try, you will always fail. What everyone didn’t know was that Chen Xiang NetEnt had made a great breakthrough and found a direction, and now he was only a little bit short of starting refining. “How can the Three Calamities Mitigating God Flower go through nine deaths? If it can be reborn after death, it will be enough to do this three times, but how can Wentí be achieved?” Chen Xiang continued to think, just as he was thinking, A familiar picture suddenly appeared in his memory, that is, the pair of Zhou brothers. The chapters of “Pig Island Novel” are updated the fastest. The Zhou brothers know how to control time and bring the destroyed things back to before their rebirth! The power of time can also be used on the magic medicine. Some people used time to ripen the magic medicine before, and of course it can also make the magic medicine go backwards! “So it’s the secret of controlling time?” Chen Xiang’s head is a little big, this is the method Betking can think of at the moment. “No matter what, let’s try the three-disaster mitigating flower first!” Chen Xiang, who had been contemplating for a long time, finally started alchemy. Just use a very strong flame to burn. “I’d like to see which three disasters are the three disasters. During the process of the Three Disasters God Flower being burned, it should experience three disasters by itself. This is equivalent to three deaths, but now it needs to experience nine times.” Chen Xiang The fire is burning this pair of Parimatch flowers. Just a moment, the three plagues

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