Aoshidan Evolution Game God Chapter 2158 Ask rumble the right person

Current location: Book title: Category: Fantasy magic Author: Ji Xiaothief This site strongly recommends the new book of the third young master of the Tang family. In exchange for the secret method of the undead gods. (). “You don’t have to worry, he went there to inquire about the casino slot of the undead gods, and he will definitely understand you.” Chen Xiang said: “There are two seniors of the undead gods here, do you want to see them?” See them, they are just here to tell you about the undead man city protoss, and they don’t have to force you to go back.” “It’s not that I don’t want to go back, you should also know the situation here, Yulan needs me With the help of the Undead God Clan, the FlashScore must have been wiped out by a very powerful force. It won’t help if I go back now. When they find more undead gods and undead war gods, I will go with them.” Concubine Lian Sighing, although she has never returned to the Undead God Race, she has been educated since she was a child to love their race, and that is where her roots lie. Now that Evolution game learned that such a situation happened to the undead race, she also felt an inexplicable pain in her heart. “I can meet them.” Concubine Lian said, and then opened the jade box that Chen Xiang gave her, saw that there were four bone-like pills in it, and said with a little surprise: “Did you refine it, or you?” I bought it from Prince Ping.” “I refined it, so don’t tell it.” Chen Xiang smiled: “This is an apology gift for you, be careful.” “I don’t need it now, I plan to give it to you.” Jin’er uses it, let her condense Betway’s bones first.” Although Concubine Lian has a high status, she has to be bought by Slot Games

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